Mark Littell's On The Eighth Day God Made Baseball

Mark Littell's On The Eighth Day God Made Baseball


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Before he pitched for the Royals and the Cardinals, Mark Littell’s character was formed on a cotton and soybean farm in the Missouri Bootheel. Growing up was a wild ride for Mark, full of family, fun, and more than a little mischief.


Mark’s first book, On The Eighth Day God Made Baseball, wasn’t just about baseball, it’s about never giving up, pushing through and past adversity and taking a look back at it all and mentoring others.


Excerpt from God Made Baseball

With light air and miles of space, Mile High Stadium was not friendly to pitchers. I threw 7 innings and gave up a lone solo shot in the 4th inning to Cliff Johnson that was golfed 6 inches off the ground.


Tommy Harmon, who was catching me, came out and said, “I gotta shake your hand, that is without a doubt the longest f***ing ball I’ve ever seen hit. Cliff’s foot was touching second as the ball peaked.”


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