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Weekly Charity Online No Limit Texas Holdem Tourney

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Upcoming Tourneys:

Sun (Mar 10) @ 7pm - $20 Donation

We've started a online Charity No Limit Holdem Tourney. The buy-in varies but is usually between $10 and $20 donation and there are great prizes to win. NO CASH PRIZES!

This No Limit Texas Holdem tournament is a fundraiser with a 60/40 split on the donations collected. Prior to registering for this tourney, players must donate by credit card or paypal account at http://perfectos.team/donate

Once you have made your donation we'll get you registered for the appropriate tourney. You can use any browser that supports HTML5, on computers as well as on iPhone and Android smartphones.

Prize 1st place - Amazon Gift Card of 30% of pot 2nd place - Amazon Gift Card of 15% of pot 3rd place - Amazon Gift Card of 10% of pot 4th place - Amazon Gift Card of 5% of pot Charity gets 40% of pot


Smartphone Info

iPhones and Android Smartphones are able to play but we suggest you follow the directions listed here for the best online experience: